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Published Articles
Appraising Contaminated Properties

Appraising Contaminated Properties (cont.)

How Stigma's Risk Factor Affects Property Value

Market Reactions To Contaminated Properties

Appraising Contaminated Properties - Back To The Basics

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Specializing In:

bullet Consultation
bullet Impact & Class Action Research and Analysis
bullet Impact of Real Property Tax Assessment
bullet Risk Analysis
bullet Groundwater Contamination
bullet Damage Control
bullet Superfund Experience
bullet Risk Allocation
bullet Case Studies
bullet Litigation
bullet Comparable Research

Past Projects 

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bullet White River Fish Kill Project, Indianapolis, Indiana 
bullet Visteon Groundwater Contamination, (TCE), Connersville, Indiana 
bullet Secure Chemical Maintenance Facility (Landfill), Cincinnati, Ohio
bullet 41-Story Bank One Tower, Phoenix, Arizona
bullet Advanced Reclamation, Inc., Franklin, Kentucky
bullet Del Rio Landfill, Phoenix, Arizona
bullet PBM Building, Macomb County, Michigan
bullet Central & Willetta High-Rise Site, Phoenix, Arizona
bullet Dayhoit Super Fund Site, Harlan County, Kentucky
bullet Butterfield Station Landfill Expansion, Mobile, Arizona
bullet Petroleum Facility, Evansville, Indiana
bullet Conner Manufacturing, Tempe, Arizona
bullet Chevron, Madisonville, Kentucky
bullet American Linen, Phoenix, Arizona
bullet Radford Meats, Richmond, Indiana
bullet Alma School Landfill, Mesa, Arizona
bullet More...

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